Phewa Lake, Nepal. An alternative view

Pokhara — is remarkable and natural beauty place. It is located at an altitude of 827 meters above sea level, and blah blah blah… — These words were written about Pokhara in the Russian Internet everywhere. And same words about the lake Phewa. Here it is:

Фева, Непал

But in my opinion it is too boring, and personally I prefer the other side of the lake Phewa. That’s what I want to tell.

We live in a hotel with a lake view and it’s really very meditative picture. Especially at night, when the mist on the mountains and many lights of houses on the mountains. The lights can be seen, and the mountains are invisible. And it seems like the boats and shipsas are hover over Phewa.

I love walking by the lake in the morning. You go and find yourself in a completely different world, where the hand does not rise to photograph, and the eye is connected with a certain space of imagination, which instantly drawn in bright colors and printed in large format pictures of everything that happens …

When I go to the shore of Lake Phewa, I leave a piece of artificially created civilization in Pokhara. There are Bible stories, where women walk with jugs of water, wash clothes in the lake and wash the head here. The water near the shore of the lake is white with soap and powder.

At the bottom of the lake a beautiful lie sunken boats that were once colored. It is amazing sight.

Here are found a little frog who can to jump great distances and croak quite harmonious chorus.

The cows often walk on the beach. They wash their feet in the lake and drinking water. For this reason, the coastline — it’s just a pile of dirt. In dry weather the dirt is dry and you can walk on it.

To get home, I found a pipe with a white water that flows into the lake Phewa. This is not a milk river, but the soap-powder water from the canal. The channel leads directly to my hotel and extends further — to Pokhara. The channel is used for washing clothes along the entire length. Therefore the water is whiter than in the lake.

Pokhara — it is a big city for Nepal (200,000 people, the third largest city in Nepal). Lakeside — tourist area of Pokhara is located on the shores of Lake Phewa. The area consists entirely of hotels, guest-houses, restaurants, tourist shops and shops with souvenirs. There are few houses Nepalese, differing from the main buildings hotel.

We live a little bit away from the center of the Lakeside and we see it more on the other side. This is my favorite place of Lakeside. There are calml and soul here. The view in the territory of the hotel is something like this:

And my lovely drink in Pokhara: sea buckthorn juice:

I feel a sense of unreality when I come in the middle of Likeside. It is I was on a small island, and the curtain around me. Around Likeside is a completely different life. And life of Likeside does not seem real — it was built for tourists, and it fenced from the truth Nepal by invisible screen. This is not the life of Nepalese, thay just play any role for create a familiar atmosphere for European tourists so they stayed calm and happy. Tourist in Nepal — a sacred animal.

Cow in Nepal — a sacred animal, and it can go anywhere. To bring down a cow on the road is punishable by many years in prison

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(c) by Olga Saliy

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