Prison in Russia

Зона. Тюрьма в России, фотоистория (30)

I moved a lot in Russian prisons as a photojournalist. Now I live in Thailand and started checking on our Russian prisoners here. I was shocked by one thing.

A lot of foreigners go to Thai jail for visit strangers prisoners here — it is normal. Russian does not go to Russian prisoners — only other foreigners come to them.

We used to be closed from the world of prisoners in Russia and as a result this world is closed to us. It seems that in our society the two worlds — one is separated from the other. But they are the same inside.

It’s like making one leg opponent’s to other leg. It’s creepy and it’s weird. Look at these faces in the photographs. This EDUCATIONAL CORRECTIONAL INSTITUT. I have no strength to understand something in this «system» …

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Автор: Ольга Салий

Странствующий блогер, международный фотограф

Prison in Russia: 2 комментария

  1. Это было интересно смотреть и читать. Фото которое Вы поставили на сайт 500px из этой серии, врезается в память. Как я уже там сказал, нет слов — одни эмоции.

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